Loving energy is so palpable after tragedy. We pray and send wishes of strength and light to strangers. Our hearts genuinely ache, and we are sincere in our outpouring of compassion and love for families of the dead, injured, paramedics, law enforcement, doctors, nurses, civic leaders, volunteers, good samaritans, bystanders. We are tragically united in pain and love.

We are experiencing this today in the aftermath of the terror in Boston, just as we did in the aftermath of September 11th.

The same love that pours out as a counter-weight to tragedy is also felt for fleeting moments during positive occasions like the Olympics, when your skin tingles out of pure joy as athletes march at the opening ceremony, beaming mega-watt smiles of pride and wonder. As fireworks ring out high above in celebration, it’s love that fills you up and makes you feel like your heart will burst.

There is a oneness in these times. There is a feeling of unity when there is a collective feeling of love. We unite as one city, one nation, one world.

But for how long?

My prayer on this sad day is that we can stay united longer, stay loving longer, and remember our collective humanity longer.


About Stephanie Himango

Welcome to Another Door Opens. I'm a freelance writer and television producer who loves stories, photography, people, fitness and design. In Another Door Opens, find short stories about your fellow man that will inspire and inform. Please add your email to Follow and receive a notice with each new post. Welcome. http://anotherdooropens.net -Stephanie
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3 Responses to United

  1. I share your prayer and truly wish we would remember our collective humanity.

  2. Deborah Rogers says:

    Very well said. Thanks Stephanie for sharing your thoughts.

  3. David Robbins says:

    Great blog post, Stephanie. And we are blessed to know you.

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