Keep Going

Unlike the hiker who is lost on the trail as night falls, stopping is not the answer when life’s path is unclear.

The rescue team will likely come for the hiker, and the odds of successful outside assistance are increased by stopping. Once the hiker is found, rescuers are his guide.

But in life, the opposite is true: stopping means staying lost. The ‘rescue team’, or universe, moves into action when we take steps. We must keep going to make the magic happen.


At times there will be only one apparent path.

At times there will be a crossroads.

At times there be no path at all.

As we move forward, answers will come. Guaranteed. Meanwhile, there are some things to do to insure our landscape changes and new life emerges.

1. Do what makes your body healthy, your mind free and your heart full. Exercise, and feel creativity begin to move. Read, and find new thoughts emerge. Laugh, and sense a new lightness of being. Ideas often arrive by these less obvious delivery systems.  Serendipity happens here. New thoughts rarely come while sitting at a desk in an attempt to force ideas.

2. Help others. Do something kind for someone. Truly listen to someone else. Digest what they have to say without thinking of yourself. Be present for them. Be sincere.

3. Trust yourself. Be kind to yourself.  No one benefits when we think or speak negatively to ourselves. Our friends lose. Our families lose. We lose. Be your best friend and loyal advocate. Trust your own guidance. Have faith.

4.  Then, forget yourself.  Henry Miller said it best:  “Develop an interest in life as you see it — the people, things, literature, music. The world is so rich, simply throbbing with rich treasures, beautiful souls and interesting people. Forget yourself.”

5. Keep going. You know the saying. Luck is where preparation meets opportunity. We must be out in the world for opportunity to happen, for preparation to find its partner, for luck to be made. Keep going. To quote a brand, life is good.


About Stephanie Himango

Welcome to Another Door Opens. I'm a freelance writer and television producer who loves stories, photography, people, fitness and design. In Another Door Opens, find short stories about your fellow man that will inspire and inform. Please add your email to Follow and receive a notice with each new post. Welcome. -Stephanie
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3 Responses to Keep Going

  1. Hi Stephanie…Love #4 – In order words, we can be our own worst enemies so if we take ourselves out of much of the equation, we’ll find so many other inspiring and passionate things.

  2. Terrell says:

    I LOVE this! Very insightful… It is all about the journey isn’t it? The Zen of it is forgetting the ‘I’ and just being the journey…

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