Getting Muddy for a Cause

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I have mud, fire and water in my future. I’ll be racing through 3.34 miles of New Mexico muddy mayhem, cliff hangers, hard rain and petrifying plunges in this year’s Warrior Dash. My goal is to raise money to support the life-saving work done at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

I am no ninja, but if I can run and push myself, get dirty and play as an adult, of COURSE I want to help kiddos get back on the road to health — they’re the ones who should be out playing. I’m hoping that with the help of family and friends, we can do it together, for the mud of it, so these little guys and gals can run and jump and play as every child should be able to do! Please share with ANYONE who might want to help — be it here on WordPress, on Twitter, Facebook or word of mouth.  Shares and reblogs and retweets welcome! Let’s show these children the kindness of strangers. Race date: April 27. Click and donate to meet then surpass the goal!

Thanks and love to you all!


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